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Bars, Restaurants & Hospitality

First impressions matter, and people are quick to judge a venue by its aesthetics. So, for most bars and restaurants, their audio-visual systems are essential to their success. Whether you have sports on the tellie, live music, or even just background ambience, we can help create an atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer (and ask for that extra drink or dessert menu).

Solutions include:

DJ solutions – permanent and temporary

Multi-screen solutions playing everything from sports to events

Multi zone audio

Hearing assistance solutions

Microphone solutions for events

Projectors / big screens for sports games

New York Grill

Bar & Restaurant solutions to keep customers coming back

There’s nothing worse than having to yell over your dinner, or having music too loud (or too quiet!) in a bar. SKOPIK designs solutions that spread evenly throughout the bar or restaurant space and identify the ground size and ambient noise, automatically adjusting the volume to suit. Giving customers the perfect experience to keep them coming back.

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Have a look at some of the projects we’re most proud of (and find out why our customers keep coming back).

Our Team

SKOPIK have over 27 years experience in the industry, so we know what it takes to keep everything running smoothly. With a friendly team who pride ourselves on the quality of our work and top-notch after-sales service we’ll keep everything humming long after the project has been completed.