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Hearing Assistance

With Hearing assistance systems or loops becoming part of the NZ Building Code in 2004, accessibility is more important than ever. Any Communal Non-residential assembly spaces occupied by more than 250 people, or any theatre, cinema, public hall, or assembly space in retirement villages occupied by more than 20 people, must accommodate people with disabilities. But it’s more than compliance – it’s something we at SKOPIK care about getting right.

Services include:

Theatres, cinemas, public halls, retirement villages

Churches, clubrooms, halls

Museums, public swimming pools, stadiums

Early childhood centres, colleges, day care, kindergartens, schools, universities

Queenstown Country Club

We can help make your commercial environment accessible for all

SKOPIK can support you in developing a Hearing loop system that conforms to the International Standard and is of optimum benefit to the end user. We’re IQP certified with the council. As all hearing assistance installations must be certified every six months to pass its Building Warrant of Fitness, SKOPIK can help ensure your building and hearing assistance system is compliant.

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Our Team

SKOPIK have over 27 years experience in the industry, so we know what it takes to keep everything running smoothly. With a friendly team who pride ourselves on the quality of our work and top-notch after-sales service we’ll keep everything humming long after the project has been completed.